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Support (Sanitary epidemiological station)

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NPO  “Sanprojectmontage” renders professional services on struggle against rodents on current of 10 years. In 1996 the  buildings  of the Moscow Kremlin. have been protected by experts of the company from rodents. Today by our systems  is equipped more than 2 000 buildings of capital and other cities of Russia, among which municipal kindergartens, inhabited and office buildings, the enterprises of the food-processing industry, objects of a sports and cultural infrastructure.

In struggle against rodents we apply essentially new ways, but we do not refuse  from traditional.

Ozone deratization
Filling of building emptiness with Ecovata.
Chemical and mechanical deratization

The comparative analysis of ways will allow you to choose a preferable variant.

Services offered by us  are complex: we not only relieve the clients of wreckers, but also we shall organize support - - NO SAS

Definition of strategy and ways of struggle

Development of the
project of equipment
of the schedule of
Manufacture of
works - NO
Registration of
sanitary passport
Service of object and support - NO SAS

The equipped objects for the period with 2000 on present time.

Inhabited complexes, including with underground and elevated parking places
Separately costing parkings
Administrative, sports, shopping centers, warehouses, objects of an infrastructure
Schools and medical-improving establishments
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